• Steve Dennis

    Steve Dennis

    Keynote speaker & strategic advisor on retail innovation. Top 10 retail influencer. Senior Forbes contributor. Best selling author of “Remarkable Retail.”

  • Chase Healey

    Chase Healey

    Head of @thesociallife // Former founder of @swoptop

  • Jonathan Berk

    Jonathan Berk

    Working at intersection of real estate, community and tech to realize a city's full potential.

  • Jake Mendel

    Jake Mendel

    Lead 🎸 and VP, Startup Banking @ Silicon Valley Bank. Domestique & pretend pro cyclist @ Team MoMA NYC. I ride the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn 🗽

  • pressfarm


    Find journalists to write about your startup. Saves the hassle of having to track down press. Go to press.farm

  • TrendSlates


    Covering commerce daily from Amazon to Zulily.

  • Jerry Grzegorzek

    Jerry Grzegorzek

    Founder & Editor-in-chief at SuperBusinessManager.com. Super Business Manager provides business resources for better decision making to empower human beings.

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