I came across this tweet this afternoon while I was sitting down to write about the intersection of real estate & technology and it had me thinking; why is the apartment rental process so archaic compared to Airbnb?

The traditional leasing process has (at the minimum) 2 parties: the renter and the Landlord. The renter can be anyone from a 19-year-old college student in Columbus, OH to a 55-year-old empty-nesting couple who moved from the suburbs to downtown to enjoy all of the amenities that a city has to offer. Sometimes there is a Guarantor involved if the renter doesn’t have sufficient assets (annual income of 40x the rent in cities like NYC) but most markets outside of NYC do not require this.

In the words of Dror Poleg, “why does it take 30 seconds to find…

“I think as humans we still need gathering places,” (Angela) Ahrendts recently told Vogue Business. “And when you are serving digital natives, the thing they long for more than anything is human connection. Eye contact.”

-Angela Ahrendts (Former head of Retail at Apple)

In a world where children grow up with iPads in front of their faces for hours every day, Apple’s plan is to offer refuge with a human touch and within the four walls of the most prominent display of American consumerism — the Apple Store.

Angela Ahrendts stepping down as the head of Retail at Apple, following…

Brandon Hoffman

MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School studying technology, real estate, entrepreneurship, and the intersection of the three.

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